Wendy’s Deals & Specials in 2022 | Wendy's 2 for 5 is back!

Wendy's Deals and Offers

Wendy’s is known for its Square Hamburgers and the Sea salt fries. They are one of the biggest fast food chains across the country. They are growing mainly because of their food menu, quality of the food and taste. Similar to many other famous fast food chains, they too provide great deals and offers.

For people having food frequently outside in restaurants, regular offers and deals will be of great help. This is because you get to save some dollars in your pocket, and you satisfy your hunger with your favorite food as well. For Wendy’s fans, here is the list of offers and deals you can get from the outlets right now, and those that you need to watch out for.

Wendy’s 2 for 5:

Wendy's 2 for 5

Not long ago, Wendy’s announced its most famous 2 for $5 menu that brought back so many customers previously. Similar to McDonald’s 2 for $5, Wendy’s gives you the option of choosing two snack items from their famous burger dishes.

The Classic Chicken Sandwich is a latest addition to the list which has crispy, all-white meat chicken breast layered with mayo, veggies and pickles.

This offer is only available at selected, participating Wendy’s outlets, so watch out for your nearest store’s offers.

Wendy’s $5 Menu:

Wendy's $5 Menu

Also known as a $5 Biggie Bag by Wendy’s itself, this deal has more than what you need for just $5. They had this offer previously, but was absent from their offer menu for quite some time now.

It is back again, with a bang! The $5 Menu includes a Bacon Double Stack burger along with 4 Pc Nuggets, French Fries and a drink of your choice. Isn’t that enough to satisfy any hungry stomach?

At this price point and the amount of food you get, there is not a lot going around at other restaurants. And that is what makes Wendy’s standout  in this department.

Wendy’s 4 for 4:

Wendy's 4 For 4

If you want to save one more dollar and still have sufficient meals,  Wendy’s 4 for $4 is your go to. You get four items for this choice. You will have to choose your main item followed by Junior fries, 4-pc nuggets and a small drink. 

The choice of main item are:

Wendy’s Deals right now:

Wendy’s $1.99 Croissant Breakfast Deal is something to look out for. Also the new Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger that comes with never frozen beef and applewood smoked bacon had been included in the Made to Crave menu.

Wendy's $1.99 Croissant Breakfast Deal

Wendy’s Rewards program is something you need to watch out for when you order through their mobile app.


You get 10 points for every dollar spent and can be redeemable at a later point for your favorite items.


What is today's Wendys specials?


The above link is updated daily by Wendy’s where they provide lot of offers year round. Today’s offer is the $2 Frosty serve. Also your registration on Wendy’s app, you get several offers & discounts.

What is Wendy's 5 for 5?

Wendy’s 5 for 5 is nothing but the $ 5 Biggie bag that had been phenomenal success when it was introduced. The $ 5 bag contains Double Stack burger along with 4 Pc Nuggets, French Fries and a drink of your choice.

What is Wendy's 2 for 5?

This deal allows you to choose two from the available options – Classic Chicken Sandwich, Dave’s Single, Spicy Chicken Sandwich or 10 pc Nuggets – for just $ 5. However, this deal is not listed in their website right now.

What is Wendy's four for four?

Wendy’s 4 for 4 is a great meal deal where you get four items – a burger, Junior fries, 4-pc nuggets and a small drink. Burger choices are Jr bacon Cheeseburger, Jr Cheeseburger & Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

Does Wendy's accept Apple pay?

Wendy’s does allow customers to pay via Apple pay and customers have not faced any issues with this type of payment as of now.

11 thoughts on “Wendy’s Deals & Specials in 2022 | Wendy’s 2 for 5 is back!”

  1. The app is so hard to use. Worker there told me delivery services have same problems I do. If there’s a special that requires a purchase, can’t find a way to do that. I’ve tried it several times, end up going to Sonic, easy app.

  2. Your over priced and your food is not worth it. What a rip off. The breakfast biscuit was good for a while and now it’s so spicy ???? not good. What happened? Also your hamburger has gotten over cooked and very salty. They sit and serve Luke warm food. Your soda is flat. No wonder why people are not going to eat your crappy food. The Wendy’s by jog Rd Greenacres is locked most of the time in the lobby due to incompetent staffing. Pathetic and most employees are RUDE and Unhelpful. Bathroom for women is dirty.

  3. Your breakfast deals at the Arlington TN Wendy’s aren’t much of a deal when the place is out of biscuits half the time or the computer in down or reloading . I’ve just about given up on Wendy’s to be the first choice for fast food!!!!

  4. Just went to Wendy’s on Rt46 west in Elmwood Park N,J, ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches with
    Sausage have been ordering this with a large coffee,for weeks at $1.49 ea.
    Returned home and found they didn’t put any melted cheese with the 2 sandwiches called and spoke to the Mgr.and told her my problem she tried to
    Tell me it doesn’t include cheese which is a lie


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