Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay | Steps To Use Apple Pay At McDonalds Explained

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

While we understand that McDonalds allows customers to pay via Apple Pay way back from 2014, this question has come up frequently in recent times – Does McDonalds take Apple pay? We have tried to put an end to all your questions related to this topic here.

So, does McDonalds accept Apple Pay?

Short answer is YES.

It is no wonder McDonalds accepts this form of payment because of the increase in the number of iPhone users. They are present in almost all big countries already and they would want to utilize available technologies to the maximum to get benefits.

Here are some frequently asked questions about McDonalds Apple pay:

Does McDonalds have Apple Pay?

McDonalds Apple Pay

Yes, they do. McDonalds, across the country, now accept Apple Pay as a form of payment method. All you need to do is register your Credit or Debit card to Apple Wallet and start paying through your iPhone.

Is Apple Pay a Safe method of payment at McDonalds?

Apple Pay can be a safe method of payment wherever you go. This is just an alternative to using your Credit or Debit cards physically. All you are going to do is show your iPhone or Apple Watch to the NFC reader and the payment is done – Tada!

Is there any Limit for using Apple Pay?

No. As long as you use Apple Pay within the limits of the amount you have in your Debit card or credit card account, you are safe. If your Debit card account does not have enough funds, your Apple pay won’t work.

Can I use Apple Watch to pay at McDonalds?

Yes, you can absolutely do this as long as you have connected your Apple Watch to Apple Wallet.

How to pay at McDonalds using Apple Pay? Step-by-Step:

How to use Apple Pay at McDonalds Drive-thru?

The process is the same as using in-store. After you order your meals, tell the Executive that you are going to use Apple pay and ask for the payment terminal. Hold the iPhone next to the terminal and the payment is done in a few seconds.

How to use Apple Pay on McDonalds Mobile App?

Once you have registered Apple Pay on your iPhone, it is easy to pay via Apple pay for all your online orders.

Using Apple Pay is fee-free and very simple to set up, no limits to the number of usages in a day and more importantly, safe to use.


What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile wallet where you need to add your card details from your iPhone and you’re ready to make your payments without disturbing the Card’s rewards and benefits.

What are McDonald’s hours?

McDonald’s opens from 10 AM to 10 PM at night. However, there might be slight variation with a few stores, so please check out the nearest store before visiting.

What are the things you need to make an Apple Pay?

To make a successful payment using Apple Pay you need an Apple iPhone, watch or any other NFC enabled Apple device and an Apple pay wallet that is connected to a bank account or a credit or debit card.

How do I find the McDonalds locations near me?

Just head over to and provide your zip code. You will be able to find the nearest McDonalds locations with the directions.

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