About The Meal Hours

The above illustration is a perfect example of many of us, isn’t it?

We often tend to miss our meals, mostly breakfast, due to various reasons – getting up late, missing taxi, getting late to office, and so on, but most importantly missing breakfast time at our nearby restaurants. 

I have had few instances of bad luck too, missing the breakfast time and had to settle up with skipping it.

That is when I started gathering information about all the famous restaurants nearby my home, their opening hours, breakfast hours, menu items on their breakfast plates and much more.

This blog, themealhours.com, is a compilation of useful information such as breakfast and lunch hours, food menu, trending offers on famous restaurant chains, nutritional values of different food items for health-specific foodies and much more. I am sure this would benefit to more people that I can think of.

This website will see continuous additions to its information repository, updates to the existing articles as and when required and hope you will find this useful at any time.

Feel free to provide your suggestions to keep improving this blog, as I always believe collective effort will reap good rewards.


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