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Subway Sub Of The Day - Black Forest Ham

Subway is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the country and unlike any other restaurants, they do not focus on quite a few different types of food. In fact Subway produces what is famously called “Subs” and that is pretty much the only food they serve (of course, apart from the Salads & Wraps, which is fine as well). And then comes their Sub of the day!

Be it their 6” inch subs or the footlong sub sandwiches, they pretty much nail them with the mouth-watering taste which keeps pulling customers back again and again. They have a collection of meat choices from which you choose your favorite, then put them in between two breads of your choice along with the choice of fresh veggies. There you go! Your favorite munch is ready!

What is the Subway Sub of the day?

A collection of subs are available nationwide and there are also a few more available only at certain locations, sourced locally to satisfy that particular region’s taste.

Subway Sub Of The Day Menu


The above table is the list of commonly available choices of flavors across the country. You can either choose a sub from them or make them as a wrap or Salad. 

But, now we are into the “Sub of the Day”, one of the interesting promotions made by any food chain in the country. Subway selects one among the available items every day and sells them for a greatly reduced price, typically at $3.50, almost at 50%. If you go for the footlong sub, it just costs around $6 which is a great deal as well.

Here is the schedule of the Sub of the day choices





Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki


Oven Roasted Chicken


Turkey Breast


Italian B.M.T




Black Forest Ham


Meatball Marinara

Subway Sub Of The Day - $6 Footlong

This can change depending on your location, so it is better to check with your nearest store beforehand.

What are the Subway wraps?

Similar to the sub sandwiches, the wraps have the same meat/veggies choices but they go into a wrap instead of a bread sandwich. 

Unfortunately, these wraps do not come under the “Sub of the day” promotions, so you will have to settle with the actual prices, but do not worry. They do not cost much either.

Subway Wraps

What are the other Subway deals?

As with many other restaurants, online ordering attracts many more offers. Even with Subway, you need to order online or through their own Subway mobile app.

For every footlong sub you order online, you get 15% off on its price. And you also earn points for every order.

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