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KFC Famous Bowl

There is a famous story that revolves around whenever we speak about KFC, or especially their Mashed Potatoes. KFC’s founder, Colonel Harland Sanders once visited a KFC restaurant and wanted to try its mashed potatoes. His reaction to the dish and what followed became a legend. He did not like the potatoes and compared them to the “wallpaper paste” and “sludge”. Furthermore, he did not like the Fried Chicken and the gravy as well. This did bring down the popularity of the KFC, but only a bit. KFC always seems to be on top of the game with their food menu and people continue to flock to the restaurants. What turned out to be a disaster according to Sanders, came to the KFC menu in the name of “KFC Famous Bowl” in the year 2006. 

So, how is this KFC Famous Bowl? How many calories did it get? Is it really worth trying out? Let’s see.

KFC Famous Bowl:

The idea of presenting this Bowl, as the Comedian Patton Oswalt funnily put it on one of his stand up shows, with Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Corn and some Gravy does seems to work a little bit for KFC, as they still remain in their Menu and people still buy them for some reason. To understand more about the dish, let us look deep into it.

KFC Famous Bowl Ingredients:

  • Fried Chicken Chunks
  • Creamy mashed potatoes
  • Sweet Corn
  • Home style Gravy
  • Three shredded Cheese

As committed by KFC, the bowl is filled with Mashed Potatoes and topped up with bite-sized Crispy Chicken Chunks. Sweet corn kernels are added to this bowl and layered with home style gravy and topped with three types of shredded cheese. 

You can buy this famous Bowl alone or include Nashville Hot Sauce to your liking. The one that comes with Hot Sauce is called “Spicy famous bowl”. 

KFC Famous Bowl Calories:

KFC Famous Bowl Calories


Food Name


Sodium (mg)

Fat (g)

Carbs (g)

Protein (g)

KFC Famous Bowl






KFC Spicy Bowl






Food Name

KFC Famous Bowl


Calories - 740

Sodium (mg) - 2350

Fat (g) - 35

Carbs (g) - 81

Protein (g) - 26

Food Name

KFC Spicy Bowl


Calories - 950

Sodium (mg) - 2630

Fat (g) - 46

Carbs (g) - 100

Protein (g) - 35

As the table states, the biggest problem with this Bowl is the amount of Sodium it allows us to intake. For a regular bowl, 2350 mg of Sodium is still almost equivalent to per day intake of Sodium. This also came under harsh criticism as this may not be a good choice for those who are conscious about their health. 

Amount of Fat also seems to be contributing to more than 50% of the daily limit. Probably this is the reason why the Comedian threw this dish under the bus by saying “ A pile of Heart failure”.

KFC Famous Bowl Price

KFC Famous Bowl Price:




KFC Famous Bowl


KFC Spicy Bowl


If you are someone who is not likely bogged down by negative criticisms and health conscious quotations, and if you are someone who likes to have a tasty meal at least once in a while, the Famous Bowl should definitely get you going.

KFC Famous Bowl Recipe:

You need the following ingredients for making the Famous Bowl.

  • First step is to prepare the mashed potatoes. All you need to do is to boil the potatoes in water for about 10 – 15 min , then mash them along with milk, butter and salt,  well according to your liking. 
  • Bake the popcorn chicken for 15 min on the oven
  • Warm the sweet corn in the microwave for about 1 minute, and the Gravy as well.
  • Layer the mashed potatoes, chicken, sweet corn, gravy and cheese in the same order in a bowl
  • Your dish is ready to serve.

Do let us know if you have tried the Famous Bowl by yourself and if you really enjoyed it!


What is the KFC Famous Bowl?

The Famous Bowl is one of their main menu offerings that comes with Chicken Chunks served on a layer of Mashed Potatoes and includes Sweet Corn, Shredded Cheese and Chicken Gravy, all served in a Bowl.

How much is a KFC Famous Bowl?

This Bowl costs around $ 5.49. The other version of the bowl, called the Spicy Chicken Bowl, that includes Nashville hot sauce also comes at $ 5.49.

How many calories in KFC famous bowl?

The famous bowl has calories ranging between 740 – 950 and has 2350 mg of sodium, 81 g of carbohydrates, 6 g of Dietary Fibre, and 2 g of sugars.

Can you get a Famous Bowl without Corn?

Yes, you can customize the famous bowl, where you can either add or remove each of its ingredients including Chicken, Gravy, Cheese, Corn and Mashed Potatoes.

When did KFC introduce the Famous Bowl?

The Famous Bowl was introduced in the year 2006, and continues to be popular despite several hit backs and criticism on the dish. No matter who says what, people still love to get this famous bowl.

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