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Arby's Happy Hour

Arby’s is one of the fastest growing fast food chains in the US and is always known for its killing deals and mouth-watering food. They are one of the very, very few restaurant chains that do not offer Hamburgers but still have a lot on their menu to stay on top of our minds.

They do have breads and meat coming with several assortments, and their cheesesteaks that are the crowd-pullers. If you love sandwiches, Arby’s should be on your list of must-try fast food restaurants. Starting from roasted beef and Swiss, roasted chicken Caesar and the Greek Gyro meal, you will have varieties included in their menu.

What is Arby’s Happy hour?

One of the few restaurants that offer a variety of snacks during their happy hour, Arby’s Happy hour starts at 2:00 PM and ends by 5:00 PM in the evening. They do this for six days a week at most locations, so for the exact details you can check with the nearest Arby’s outlet.

Arby themselves call this time “Snack Rush”. The prices can go up to as low as $1. Happy hours and prices may vary depending on the location of the outlet, but most of the locations follow this practice.

🕖 Arby's Happy Hour


Start Time

End Time

All Days
(except Sunday)

2:00 PM

5:00 PM


All Days
(except Sundays)

Start Time

End Time

2:00 PM

5:00 PM

The menu for Arby’s Happy hour includes Sliders and Fries to go with Drinks and Cookies.

Arby's Happy Hour Menu






What is Arby’s Dollar Menu?

Apart from the above menu during happy hours, you also have the option of having a complete meal for just $1.

Though this is not a value menu like many other restaurants offer, Arby’s are happy to offer this small package where you get their small curly fries, a small shake and a small drink.

Arby’s 2 for 6:

Arby's Happy Hour - 2 for $6

Well, this is a great offer akin to most other restaurants’ 2 for $5, only difference is Arby’s priced this offer at $6. Arby’s 2 for $6 offer includes three items to choose from.

i) Premium 9-pc chicken nuggets

ii) Classic Beef and Cheddar Sandwich

iii) Classic Roast Beef Sandwich

You can choose 2 out of the above three and pay just $6 and that should make a very good deal.

You can even order Arby’s 2 for $6 online. Visit 

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