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Burger King Kids Meal

We have all known very well that Burger King does many things to attract Kids. Burger King Kids Meal is something you have to watch out for, though not much in variety, it serves the purpose. 

What is interesting is the Burger King Toys collection that has always seemed to connect well with the customers.

Burger King Kids Meal:

King Jr. Meals, as they would like to call it, are specially made for Kids and priced accordingly. There are not many choices for Kids, but they have enough to feed your children if you wish to take them with you for a Burger King feast. 

There are basically Four different Junior Meals for Kids:

Cheeseburger King Jr Meal:

The cheeseburger meal comes with the choice of Bacon and Cheese or both. The condiments include Mayo, Mustard and Ketchup which can be chosen by the customer and the vegetable pack includes Onion, Tomato, Pickle and Lettuce. These ingredients form the core of the Burger.

Along with the burger, you can add Sides, Drinks and Treats.

Jr Sides:

Sides include

Jr Drinks:

Drinks come in smaller sizes and includes

4 pc Nuggets King Jr Meal:

This meal includes 4 pc Chicken Nuggets along with Dipping sauce of your choice. In addition, you also get to choose Sides, Drinks and Toy Treats. The choice of sauces are

6 pc Nuggets King Jr Meal:

This meal combo basically gets everything as the above plus two additional Chicken Nuggets.

Hamburger King Jr Meal:

Similar to Cheeseburger meal, and comes with a choice of Bacon or not.

King Jr Meal Items & Price



Cheeseburger King Jr Meal

w/ regular American Cheese


w/ extra Cheese


w/o Bacon


w/ Bacon


w/ extra Onion


with extra Tomato


w/ extra Pickle


w/ extra Lettuce


Hamburger King Jr Meal

w/o Bacon


w/ Bacon


w/ extra Tomato


with extra Pickle


w/ extra Lettuce


4 pc Chicken Nuggets King Jr Meal


6 pc Chicken Nuggets King Jr Meal


Burger King Toys:

Their Toy collections are seasonal and they seem to keep up with the trend. You get a set of 4 toys with every Kid’s Meal. Even though the collections vary based on availability, there have been a number of different collections offered by Burger King throughout the years. Some of the famous Toy collections are – 

Currently, they are going with the Spongebob Movie based Toys and Animal Planet Themed Toys. In plans for the Future are Hotel Transylvania, Miraculous, Barbie/Hot Wheels and the Marvels.


How much is a kids meal at Burger King?

Cheeseburger King Jr meal with American cheese costs $ 4.79 while the Hamburger King Jr meal with Bacon costs $ 5.14. On the other hand, the 4 pc Nuggets meal costs $ 4.39 while 6 pc Nuggets meal costs $ 4.99.

How many meals are there for Kids at Burger King?

There are four types of meals for Kids at Burger King – two Nuggets meals ( 4 pc and 6 pc) and two burger meals (Cheeseburger King Jr and Hamburger King Jr). The sides options are plenty where your Kids will enjoy them as well.

How many calories in Burger King Kids meal?

Cheeseburger Jr and Hamburger Jr meals have around 346 to up to 1000 calories while the nuggets meals provide somewhere around 240 to 900 calories depending on the sides that you want to add for your kids.

What toys does Burger King have in their Kids meal?

Burger King provides toys with Kids meals regularly and the toys are usually inspired by famous cartoon characters and trending characters. They are usually from Marvel, Pixar, DC, Nintendo and several other comic characters. 

What toys are included in Burger King Kids meal right now?

Right now, Burger King includes Hotel Transylvania 4 – inspired toys with their kids meals. Next up is DC, the Batman inspired toys to commemorate the new version of Batman movie.

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