Burger King Lunch Hours 2021 | Enjoy All Day Lunch & The $5 Deal!

Burger King Lunch Hours

Burgers are the selling points of Burger King. Even though you get burgers for breakfast nowadays at Burger King, the whole variety of burgers and Whoppers will make you go crazy and never want to miss them. 

Burger King is also a famous restaurant chain spread across the world and the main reason is the choice of menu items they serve across the day, one among them being the Whoppers.

However, if you would like to taste most of these burgers, the best time is to get there for lunch.

This is where you need to make sure you know the lunch hours of Burger King as they mostly start their lunch operations after serving their customers with their breakfast menu.

What time does Burger King start serving lunch?

Whatever time the different franchise outlets across the country open in the morning, Burger King breakfast hours end  by around 10:00 to 10:30 AM and soon begin serving their lunch menu.

The start time can vary depending on the locations and the franchise owners, but it is somewhere between 10 AM to 10:30 AM, so plan your lunch accordingly.

🕖 Burger King Lunch Hours

Days Of The Week

Opening Time

Closing Time

All Days

10:30 AM

Till Closure

Days Of The Week

All Days

Opening Time

Closing Time

10:30 AM

Till Closure

Does Burger King do lunch all day?

Partially YES. The lunch menu is being served from 10:30 AM to pretty much the end of the day. If the store closes at 11:00 PM, the lunch menu is available till then and if the store is a 24 hour serving outlet, you can get the whoppers and other lunch menu till next morning before they start their breakfast menu for the next day.

What is the $5 deal at Burger King?

The option of getting two entrees for $5 is a really good deal. You would choose two out of the following options.

Burger King Lunch - Sandwiches

This was a really good deal, again, until this happened…

YES, Burger King discontinued this deal and started giving out the more exciting BOGO offer.

Here, you get one burger and get another for an additional $1.

The choices you need to make from these…

The last one rings a bell, right? Yeah, you can choose Impossible Whopper as well on this BOGO offer.

What’s on Burger King Lunch Menu?

Burger King Lunch Hours & Lunch Menu

Burger King gets on your skin and provides so many combinations on their day long menu that you will find it hard to choose your favorite.


The Family bundles consist of all those offers like

Burger King Family Bundles

What is the best menu in Burger King?

Everyone knows Burger King’s burgers are pretty good and you will take them anyday. According to many customers, their Big King XL tops the chart for its delicious taste and the ability to single handedly satisfy hunger. 

The hamburger gives you the satisfaction of a Whopper while also enhancing it just by the juiciness of the flame-grilled beef.

What deals does Burger King have right now?

Apart from the free Whopper on the first digital order through their mobile app, you get only $1 as delivery fee if you order food for more than $5 worth from their own mobile app.

All you need to do is watch out for offers at these restaurants as they continuously churn out offers either for mobile app, online orders and so on.

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